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With over 2 million page views every month, COE creates content on 100% owned and operated websites and apps focusing on the home improvement and DIY crowd.

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  • Easy Crochet

    EasyCrochet is the largest independent crochet site on the internet today. It was orignally created back in 2008 as RescuedPawDesigns, but was renamed in 2020 to Easy Crochet. As of today, has thousands of free crochet and knit patterns, numerous tools and tutorials that benefit the crocheting community, and a very popular Facebook Group.

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  • Parks & Trips

    Parks & Trips is a road trip itinerary planner with full trip details, suggestions and essential information in the summer and a ski trip planner with ski resort information in the winter.

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  • Beer Maverick

    BeerMaverick was created in 2019 as a way to centralize the beer brewing data had been spread across numerous hop and yeast suppliers, distributors and manufacturers. It currently has the largest and most current hop database found anywhere on the web today. There are hundreds of articles with tips, tricks and analysis on everything related to homebrewing and craft beer.

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  • Oh She Cooks

    Oh She Cooks is a site specializing in answering all the cooking, baking, and food-related questions that people always find themselves asking while in the kitchen.

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  • NoCable

    After being developed in 2015 as a pet project, NoCable became the unquestioned #1 cord cutting resource online. With tools and articles surrounding how to "cut the cord" from Cable TV, NoCable rode the wave of discontent around high cable prices as well as the streaming wars.

    NoCable was sold to Red Ventures in February 2020.

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  • AdTech Consulting

    With 10+ years in AdTech, Chris has watched the transformation of the industry from the inside. As an early employee of AdTheorent and the original developer of Barometric's conversion attribution, and device graph products, Chris is uniquely positioned to help new AdTech businesses. His expertise and hard work directly led to three multi-million dollar exits within the industry over the course of a four year period.

The Lab

New properties that are currently being grown

  • This is Crochet

    A crochet website that is dedicated to granny squares and stitch tutorials.

  • Beer Advent

    An online tool to help you manage and have fun with your group beer advent calendars.

  • Making A Space

    Blog about building our own space in the woods & other tips for living in a home without clutter.

  • Old Historic Houses

    A site showcasing the old homes across the US that are for sale, or have recently been.

  • 529 Planning

    Start planning for your child's education future with our 529 Savings Acccount information site.

  • Elected Government

    Find your local, state and national elected officials along with information on how to reach them.

  • Cartography Vectors

    Search for and download map vectors in numerous vector file types, including KML, GeoJSON & SVG.

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