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On websites with close to 1 million page views every month, COE publishes content on 100% owned and operated websites and apps focusing on the home improvement and DIY crowd.


Our Team

Krista Cagle

Krista Cagle

Vice President

Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle


Our Portfolio

Our Established Properties

  • Easy Crochet

    Premium crochet and knitting videos, patterns, tutorials, apparel & goods.

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  • Beer Maverick

    Learn tips, tricks and insiders knowledge on everything related to homebrewing and craft beer.

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  • NoCable

    Sold to Red Ventures in February 2020. The unquestioned #1 cord cutting resource online. Cut the Cable TV cord with us and save big.

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  • Consulting

    Leverage my 10+ years in AdTech and SEO that's produced the technology behind 3 multi-million dollar businesses.

The Lab

  • The Cross Stitch

    TheCrossStitch is a free resource for cross stitch patterns, ideas and activities.

  • Old Historic Houses

    Created to showcase the hundreds of old houses found across the web that are for sale.

  • Energy Savers Guide

    Find home building products that match your home's climate requirements.

  • Making A Space

    Blog about building our own space in the woods & other tips for living in a home without clutter.

  • 529 Planning

    Start planning for your child's education future with our 529 Savings Acccount information site.

  • Flip Market

    An online resource dedicated to helping house flippers get the neighborhood information they need.

  • File Market

    A service that allows content creators to exchange digital files for email addresses.

  • Elected Government

    Find your local, state and national elected officials along with information on how to reach them.

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